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    Securely log into your Nodelaunch account with two-factor authentication.

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    Start your own masternode or join a pooled one with simple, 1-click launches.

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Starting a Masternode is Easy

We have a variety of unique features to help you along your journey.

Full Service

We'll do all the heavy-lifting. You'll never have to see or hear about wallet hashes again.

Masternode Pooling

Not everyone can afford their own masternode, but you can join several others and own a piece of a masternode.


Want to start a Dash masternode but only have Bitcoin? Not a problem. You can convert that btc to dash easily through our platform.

What is a Masternode?

Incentivized nodes such as masternodes are a set of decentralized computers. These devices hold a live copy of the blockchain ledger along with providing extra features to users such as privacy, governance votes, and instant transactions.

Meet the Team

Daniel Stakleff

Chief Executive Officer

Yoohwan Kim

Chief Technology Officer

Faraz Khan

Chief Legal Officer

Sung Chul


Phillipe Austria


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